Friday, May 8, 2009

Newton's Law

An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction. -Isaac Newton

I've tried to think of a good excuse for not updating the Chestnut House Blog in so long...we were too busy,.. out on a grand tour of the Continent,.. Anna Wintour called me, in a panic, to help her edit the latest issue of Vogue,.. Ron needed help with his Tony acceptance speech,.. we quarantined the house to protect ourselves from H1N1...all of these, while completely believable, are simply not true.

The real reason is this - I have been utterly, supremely, and deeply lazy. Now, for those of you who believe in Karma, do not worry. Starting this afternoon, Ron and I will begin a series of projects that will take us through August in a blur of sweat, tension, and and complete exhaustion. The Universe, that so graciously allowed me a moment of solitude, now demands it's pound of flesh.

My schedule is taking me on six (yes, six) art and theater projects that overlap by days and weeks, moving me through the K.C. Rep, the Unicorn, Coterie at Night, Heart of America Shakespeare Festival, and, finally, two major events at la Esquina, before dumping my crumpled body back at my beloved Chestnut House.

After I shared and compared my schedule with Ron's, which is just as ridiculous, he decided this would also be the perfect time to completely makeover the kitchen, establish an 8' x 12' raised vegetable bed, re-sod the lawn, plant 150 new seedlings, clean up the construction waste in the backyard, finish the guest room, tear out a wall to enlarge my sewing studio, complete the painting of the first floor, and keep up our social life. When Ron enters Megee's Magical Momentum Mode, sleep is for the weak, rest is overrated, and meal breaks occur when work allows. I'll admit, I admire his drive. Chestnut House needs me to be "more Megee".

Atticus has been a great help in the gardening projects, digging holes in the yard where he thinks there should be plantings. Of course, he is unreliable, sets his own hours, and tends to take more breaks than we do. Ron simply won't fire him, but we have reduced his benefits, and have almost drained his retirement fund.

Updates to follow...


Jon (and Ron and Atticus)

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Unknown said...

Whoo Hooo! Finally we hear from you! Love the pictures!