Saturday, July 4, 2009


We've a lot to celebrate this month. July 15th marks our one year anniversary of moving into Chestnut House.I realize January is usually the time to take stock of your accomplishments and plan your year ahead; Spring is when you clear out the cobwebs, sweep up the dust, and start anew; and birthdays-well, don't get me started about birthdays; but, for obvious reasons, July has become our time to "review and renew".

Notes From Chestnut House is our cyber-diary. I only have to scroll through past posts to realize how far we've progressed. How gratifying to have a record of the baby steps that we've taken, the little bites we've nibbled off of this huge undertaking, to put all the work into perspective.In one year, five apartments were reduced and re-organized into one home, electricity and plumbing were added, leaks and holes patched and repaired, gardens have been established, huge windows installed, and beams erected to prevent the house from imminent collapse.

A giant pig was devoured on our dining room table, a toilet and shower removed from the living room, Atticus survived a major illness, a space has been created for me to accomplish my creative and professional goals, and a crowbar sheered off my nose.

I've learned the joy of a front porch at twilight, the importance of living with the person that loves you no matter what, and why Missouri Brown Bats are to be applauded and respected.

Our ghosts, Mrs. Finch and her son Mr. Finch still make their presence known, but have turned from fearful spectres to playful spirits.

Sure, our claw-footed tub may fall through the floor into the kitchen at any moment, pigeons still roost in the attic, and, with three full stories available, we still can't seem to find a space for all of our furniture - but all of that is minor.

What's most important, after a quick glance back, is realizing how rich and exciting the path is before us. Here we go, hand-in-hand-in-paw.


Jon (and Ron and Atticus.)

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