Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blue Christmas

My hands are blue. My new car is blue. My husband's Unicorn Show finale outfit is blue. The only thing that's not blue is, oddly, me.

In a complete about-face to my relatively macabre, dower nature, I find myself positively blue with giddiness. Not frozen corpse blue, more mid-1980's Smurf blue.

My hands are blue. Our beast of a furnace continues to give us problems. Expensive problems. I understand why it is called a Rheem Furnace...I want to "ream it" constantly! We have had a taste of glorious, beautiful's hard to imagine not having it now. Every piece that gets replaced makes the next part in line fail. It has been an interesting, frustrating, sometimes terrifying journey to basic human comfort.

My new car is blue. Oh, what a deal you can get on a used, discontinued-model convertible in the 3rd week of November. My new convertible is basically me as a vehicle - big nose, flat rear, lots of bling, rather powerful, and completely inappropriately dressed for the season. It's the type of car Barbie would keep at her Malibu Beach House for Ken and the pool boy to drive while she's away juggling her Astronaut/President/Supermodel/Brain Surgeon/Physicist career path.

My husband's Unicorn Show finale outfit is blue. As is his last act 1 costume. As are the bruises on his hips, knees, and ankles. Playing Joan Crawford isn't an easy role...not even for Joan herself. A Very Joan Crawford Christmas Featuring the Incandescent Ron Megee is in rehearsals now on the Jerome Stage at the Unicorn Theatre. It runs (at least) through the month of December 2010. I am creating the amazing costumes, and there are some other people involved in the production doing other things...I guess I should try to remember their names and roles, but I am very busy...hee hee.

I am not blue. I am surrounded by the love of friends, family, a gorgeous gaggle of babies, the Schnoodle, the Wire-Fox, and dear Chestnut House, that, no matter how much surgery we perform on her, always gives us one more problem to solve. She's been lifted more times than Heidi Montag, and still has plenty of hurdles to jump. Everything we solve brings her one step closer to perfection.

Not to worry, something will soon plunge me back into my dark, cob-webbed, Gothic mood, but, for now, my Christmas is looking very blue...Tiffany Blue!


hector casanova said...

Happy thanksgiving and thank you for the update neighbor. You and Ron should come take a break with us any ol' evening.

Live from a few blocks over~

Hector & Renée

Nat said...

blue's a fun color!